The hottest topics in urban mobility up for debate



This is an unrivaled platform for urban mobility – a 3-day summit where global experts delve into the most relevant issues for the future of the sector. This year, TMWC’s full focus is on real implementation, with a range of sessions looking at the groundbreaking projects and solutions currently moving mobility forward.

In addition to a dedicated Mobility Zone featuring a Congress room and Agora, the program will include plenary sessions tackling mobility issues in the Main Auditorium and a parallel Digital Program, making this an essential event for the entire sector.



Meet the key industry players who shared their expertise and visions for the future of mobility at this year’s Congress. 

Timothy Papandreou

Emerging Transport Advisors

Timothy Papandreou

Founder and CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors, Tim is a trusted global thought leader on emerging technologies, moonshots, smart cities, and the future of life & work. He also led key strategic partnerships at Google X Moonshot Factory. As former Chief Innovation Officer at San Francisco MTA, Tim is an expert in holistic community-centered smart city tools that benefit the broader economy.

Seleta Reynolds

Chief Innovation Officer,
Los Angeles County Metropolitan

Seleta Reynolds

Now CIO & interim CPO at LA Metro, Seleta is leading a large portfolio of projects including the mobility plan for the 28 Olympic and Paralympic Games and a Universal Basic Mobility pilot. Former General Manager of LA Department of Transportation, she was responsible for 52 different business lines. Also being a founding Chair of the Board of the Open Mobility Foundation, Reynolds has over 25 years of transportation experience in both the public and private sectors.

Tamira Snell

Futurist and Senior Advisor,
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Tamira Snell

With a background in cultural sociology, Tamira’s field of passion is people and culture – to understand the future drivers and barriers behind why we live and think, behave and consume the way we do, and to investigate the behavioural patterns and cultural consequences of broader societal currents.

Maria Tsavachidis

EIT Urban Mobility

Maria Tsavachidis

Our top in-house expert, Maria is the CEO of EIT Urban Mobility, co-organizer of TMWC, and President of the event’s Advisory Board. With more than 20 years of experience at Siemens, she started her career as a researcher in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems and holds a Ph.D. in traffic engineering from the Technical University of Munich.




New mobility services

Shared Mobility, Insurance and liability, Individual Mobility, MaaS, light electric vehicles, e-Scooter, Non-motorized Mobility, Mobility service providers, Ridesharing, AI applications.

Public transport

Mass Transit, First/Last Mile, Demand management, pricing strategies, Railway Transport, Bus, Transport Hubs, Multimodality, On-demand Mobility, Transport Networks, Demand Responsive Transport, Intermodality, Smart Ticketing.

Autonomous mobility

Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Vehicles, Drones, Batteries, Shared Mobility, Insurance and liability, Intelligent Transport Systems, e-VTOL, V2X, AI for autonomous mobility.

Last mile logistics

Freight, Sustainable Logistics, delivery fleet management, Consolidation Centers, Drone delivery, ports and waterborne logistics, reverse logistics, bulk and construction delivery.

Data for mobility

Blockchain in Mobility, Mobility Data Spaces, Intelligent Transport Systems, Integrated Payment Systems, corporate mobility, Mapping and routing software, AI in mobility.

Mobility infrastructure for liveable spaces

Public Realm, Railway infrastructure, Transport Hubs, Train stations, Smart Parking, Smart Traffic Management, Placemaking, Integrated Mobility Plans, Mobility hubs.

Zero and low-emission mobility

Batteries, Green Hydrogen, Circular value chain, Urban Vehicle Access Restrictions, Low Carbon Mobility, Zero Emissions, Low Emission Zones, Vehicle-to-grid, Congestion charging, Zero emission waterborne mobility.

Active mobility

Cycling Lanes, Cycling & riding practice, Walkability, Nudging, Gamification, Awareness rising, Health benefits of active mobility, Micromobility.

Road safety

Innovation for Road safety, Awareness, Behaviour change, Safety for all users, Safety across modes, Measuring and addressing road injuries and fatalities, Road safety policy.

Inclusive mobility

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Mobility, Gender and mobility, Mobility for all, Mobility for children, Mobility for the elderly, Mobility budgets, Transport poverty.