Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress (TMWC) is the ultimate event to accelerate sustainable and intelligent urban mobility. Our goal is to act as a global benchmark for the mobility and transport sector, combining an ever-growing leading event with an all-year-round digital platform and an innovation hub attracting the industry’s key players.


Driving towards more liveable and sustainable cities.

Things in life go up and down. Backwards and forward. Life is movement. What moves you, charts your own path. And so does mobility in cities. Mobility is the backbone of urban life as it doesn’t just imply moving people and goods from A to B but being able to access education, employment, culture, and leisure. As such, it helps support a stronger economy and higher standard of living for citizens.

The COVID pandemic has altered the way we’ve moved around for the last two years. Now that the New Normal is carving its way into our lives and that traffic jams and pollution are getting back to prepandemic levels in many places, cities need more than ever to embrace new technologies, business models and management systems to definitively move towards environmentally friendly and affordable transport options.

That means using smart, electric, shared, and autonomous mobility combining on-demand, MaaS and other schemes to help improve urban development plans and climate change.

Yet the big question is: How can cities do this in the current energy crisis context? How can they encourage citizens to use these new models? And ultimately, will it be enough?Tomorrow.Mobility is the unique event to answer these questions and redefine cities’ visions of urban mobility to adapt to the new global scenario. Because what moves you, defines you.



Co-organized between Fira de Barcelona and EIT Urban Mobility, #TMWC22 returns after last year’s hugely successful pilot edition to once again bring the entire mobility sector face-to-face and spark innovation, find solutions and create business.

Digital platform

Like its sibling Tomorrow.City, the year-round online hub for cities, the Tomorrow.Mobility digital platform keeps the industry updated on the latest developments, solutions and challenges in urban mobility, 365 days a year.

Innovation Hub

The dedicated Mobility Innovation Hub in Barcelona is designed to spur creativity within the sector.


Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress, held within the framework of Smart City Expo World Congress,
brought the following to Barcelona:

In-person attendees
20000 +
Online attendees
390 +
Side Events


Public Transport

Public Transport

The COVID pandemic proved the immense importance of public services and made it clear that cities need to keep investing in public transport and intermodal formulas to achieve sustainability. In some cases that implies public-private partnerships that need to be articulated. How can cities develop new business models and leverage technologies such as blockchain to foster responsive and sustainable public transport?



During the last couple of years of COVID, many cities have experienced a rise in active modes of transport such as cycling and walking, not to mention the use of e-scooters, which are to be regulated in many places. What are the challenges posed by micromobility? Is this a trend that will remain in the New Normal?


Autonomous Vehicles

Technology is there: Autonomous vehicles are definitely coming into focus this year as different levels of automation are hitting showrooms. Yet in many cities, regulation is still falling behind and important challenges related to batteries, charging solutions and the relationship with other vehicles need to be meet. How can cities harness self-driving technology to develop truly intelligent transport systems?

Last Mile Logistics

Last Mile Logistics

With global ecommerce jumping to $26.7 trillion and the global last mile delivery market to reach USD 62.7 billion by 2027, cities need to find innovative solutions to deal with last mile logistics. Are autonomous robots the ultimate solution for last-mile deliveries? How can cities avoid increasing pollution and parking problems when managing last-mile delivery fleets? Is there a one-size-fits-all solution?

Future & Digital Transportation

Future & Digital Transportation

Drones, Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)… The future of urban mobility could be played out up in the air. Yet we might lose sight of this upwards aspiration in the bustle of everyday life. What are the challenges that cities need to meet to develop this third dimension of urban mobility? What the technologies and business models to be developed?

Transport Infrastructure

Transport Infrastructure

Transport infrastructure is a critical urban ingredient as it supports personal well-being and economic growth. Yet developing road and rail infrastructural projects, above and below ground, needs to be linked to low carbon mobility plans with safety and sustainability as top priorities. What do cities need to prioritize responding to citizens’ needs?

Energy Transition & Efficiency

Energy Transition & Efficiency

The dynamics are reverberating globally. Energy prices are surging and impacting mobility. Cities need to take a holistic approach to tackle this energy crisis and accelerate the transition to cleaner energy. How can they foster mobility solutions critical to this transition? How can cross-industry collaboration and public-private partnerships help develop this new ecosystem?



A three-day event featuring ongoing conversations with international experts, and a place to learn about the challenges and solutions of urban mobility.


A debate area in the exhibition zone where participants will have the opportunity to listen to top-level speakers and generate multiple business opportunities.


A marketplace where selected startups and organizations engage with professionals from all over the globe to showcase cutting-edge projects and smart implemented solutions.


A dedicated area where exhibitors can present their mobility solutions and have them tested by attendees.


Towards Zero Waste is a dedicated sustainability initiative in line with the European Commission’s Circular Economy strategy based on use of fewer materials, reuse and recycling of products, and no food waste.

A smart city is not only forward-thinking and sustainable, but fully inclusive, leaving no one behind. At Smart City Expo World Congress, we strive to integrate inclusivity into everything we do, in addition to creating space for debate on how to build a fairer and more egalitarian society.


Be sure to check out the events held at Fira de Barcelona in parallel with TMWC, all of which support each other and reinforce the smart city ecosystem.
Barcelona Innova Week, formerly Smart City Week, is an initiative from Barcelona City Council organized by the municipal foundation BIT Habitat to reflect on and experiment with the relationship between people, technology and cities.
PUZZLE X is the first convening forum to bridge the world of Frontier Materials, societal impact, entrepreneurship, venture building, corporate innovation, bleeding edge of material science and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to facilitate the use the materials of the future to help our world today.

Tomorrow.Oceans is the new global summit dedicated to promoting and developing the potential of the Blue Economy. It will celebrate its first edition within the framework of Smart City Expo World Congress 2022.