Challenge worth 200,000€ launched to improve the bus network service in the city

Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility is the urban mobility Living Lab powered by Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat, supported by Fira de Barcelona. It aims to boost the implementation of innovative projects and pilot tests in smart and sustainable urban mobility.

The Lab will define a series of challenges in order to spark innovation and attract disruptive solutions related to the mobility sector. The second challenge has been now launched – with an allocation of 200,000€ in prizes. Take a read and submit your application for the chance to get your project funded and tested in Barcelona!

CHALLENGE #2. Improving Barcelona's bus network

Barcelona’s public bus network strives to be more efficient, safe, sustainable, equitable and functional. We seek the best solutions to tackle this challenge!

Solutions submitted should be linked at least with one of the following lines of action:

Improvement of
user experience

Upgrade the overall experience of bus users by promoting behavioural or technological transformations both in buses and in the rest of the infrastructure that makes up the network.

Improvement of
travel efficiency

Optimise the efficiency of the city’s bus service to reduce travel times and improve interoperability, as well as enhance the integration with other types of transport in the city.

Bus service optimization through autonomus vehicles

Develop and optimize technologies that improve the performance associated with autonomous driving buses, as well as initiatives to promote its adoption.

What will winning proposals gain?

• A budget allocation of up to 100,000€ for each selected proposal

• An 18-month timeframe for implementation

• The chance to test the project in a real environment to achieve a measurable impact

• Possibility of a working space at Fira de Barcelona

• The opportunity to present the solution at Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress (Barcelona, 5-7 November 2024)


The 2nd challenge of the Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility is now closed.  Many thanks to all those who submitted entries for this call.

We received 25 proposals from 11 countries. We’re thrilled to reveal the finalists!

  • Urban Vind B.V.
  • Kobla AS
  • Torch DBS
  • Dwelling
  • Hayden AI
  • KWAN Barcelona
  • Nommon WiseTransit
  • Koinsys
  • Nemi Mobility Solutions


After a highly competitive call, these two solutions were rewarded in our 1st challenge.
We received 46 proposals from 20 countries. Thanks to everyone who applied!


Mapit IoT

Barcelona, Spain
Mapit CARE aims to reduce the accident rate by implementing a sensor to analyze driving-related data. The collected data will be sent to both the driver who will receive recommendations on the app, and the Barcelona Council to learn drivers' habits and the most troubled zones and times.


Rider Dome

Rider Dome solution utilizes computer vision and AI technology to provide real-time alerts to motorcycle riders about critical dangers on the road, giving them crucial seconds to react and prevent accidents from happening.