A top-level program of Breakout Sessions that enhanced
attendees’ experience at #TMWC23.

Advanced Decision-Making Tools in Urban Mobility
A first block will show the most important conclusions obtained from a deep analysis developed by RACC, Deloitte, Nommon and Aimsun. It will take 10 minutes. Then, we will hold a round table with 3 experienced guests. Each one will talk about their experience and the different roles needed in transport planning projects.

Innovative Public Transport Changes For Climate-Neutral Cities
Moderated by Eurocities, Mission cities Rome, Lisbon, Oslo, Bologna and EIT Urban Mobility's Director of Innovation discuss the ambition and systemic approaches within sister projects UPPER and SPINE to rapidly increase the use of Public Transport to become climate neutral by 2030. Collaborations between industry, research organizations, PT operators, and municipalities is changing the mindset of citizens and improving urban mobility planning.
Decarbonization Of Freight & Last Mile Deliveries
Check and test how policy is ready to welcome and host the model to provide real decarbonization effects onto freight and last mile operations. There are challenges ahead but, are all stakeholders ready to face and accommodate them? A real decarbonization scenario may only be effective, only, if triggered from the operations reality landscape.

Scaling Up Mobility and Energy Projects with Innovative Business Models
The session will focus on the state of European smart cities business models and financing schemes that were implemented in EU funded Smart Cities and Communities projects. The focus is on how these projects have harnessed innovative funding models to support the implementation of cutting-edge mobility and energy solutions, paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable urban landscape and how they can be replicated in other cities.
Smart Mobility Workshop: Projects and Challenges in European Cities
ICEX organizes a workshop with european experts in urban mobility who will present city challenges, as well as, projects in the pipeline, and bidding procedures.

City Mobility Managers Meeting
Barcelona City Council and the European city network IMPACTS organize this meeting for exchanging experience and knowledge on Parking strategies and curb management.

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