2022 Side Events

A top-level program of Side Events that enhanced attendees’ experience at #TMWC22.

City Leaders Event on “Towards a Net- Zero EU by 2050”
Moderator: Dr. Laia Pages, Executive and Research Manager at CARNET, Barcelona (Spain) City representatives: Dr. Àngel López, Head of Mobility Strategies, City of Barcelona (Spain); Chair of EIT Urban Mobility City Club | Ms. Inese Andersone, Head of Riga City Development Committee, City of Riga (Latvia) | Dr. Mariusz Sagan, Head of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department, City of Lublin (Poland) | Ms. Karin Ekdahl Wästberg, Director of Innovation, City of Stockholm (Sweden) | Mr. Joan Maria Bigas, Head of Mobility, Transport and Sustainability Division, Barcelona Metro Area (Spain)
The Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility: a new approach for managing innovation
The objective of the session is to unveil the first city challenge to be tackled within the brand-new Barcelona Urban Lab Mobility – that aims to use real-life environments and settings for the purpose of testing, demonstrating, and piloting new user-centred urban mobility solutions. The four promoters of the Lab will announce the main features of the first challenge-based innovation call, and how European innovators – industry players, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc. – could participate and benefit from this open innovation ecosystem.
The Aviation of the Future through Innovation and Sustainability
Sustainable mobility is a fundamental factor that must be take into account in the development of air transport sector, where innovation and sustainability constitute two fundamental levers, in the interconnected and digitized context such as the one we currently live in.
Mercedes-Benz Urban Mobility: Shape intelligent and sustainable urban mobility
Panel discussion on the role of data in urban areas. LIVE DEMO Mercedes-Benz City Dashboard – From Vehicle Data to Data-driven Decision making at City Level.
The future of Roads > Planning for Autonomous Mobility
The rapid growth of new technologies, on the one hand, and the increase in demand for safe, clean, comfortable, efficient, and sustainable transportation, on the other hand, stimulated/nudged the advancement of automation in the transport sector. This session will present new challenges as well as opportunities for the transport sector based on the experiences gathered through the delivery of the training “Planning for Autonomous Mobility”.
Moving with Robots
This session is a joint presentation of two EU-funded projects: Ride2Autonomy and WE-TRANSFORM. It will include a presentation of both an autonomous shuttle pilot in a port environment and a knowledge brief on the role of humans in automated public transport services. After a summary of the outcomes of both initiatives, a short discussion with the audience will be organised to reflect on how to integrate automated transport services in society.

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